Surviving Suicide. Rebuilding Lives.

TAB Members

School Year 11/12 TAB Members

Catalina Johnson – Mid-Peninsula High School

Lydia Jones – Gunn High School

Matthis Pluska – Gunn High School

Mayra Barriga – Woodside Priory

Nicole Gilbert – Aragon High School

Rebecca Pless – Castilleja High School

Sam Trinkaus – Mid-Peninsula High School – Static Youth Writer

Teresa Zarmer – Mountain View High School


Gracias, Summer ‘11 TAB Members!

Lucas, Teresa, Jasmine, Kevin, Becky, Matthis and Sam – we are thankful that you gave time, energy and heart to Break Through the Static this summer ‘11. We accomplished so much, and are proud to say you contributed tremendously to our growth this summer. Endless thanks for advocating for Static and supporting our mission! Together we’re making a difference …


Summer 2010 Teen Advisory Board

This past summer, the four Bay Area teens listed below dedicated their time to providing Break Through the Static with insight on what is fun, appealing and helpful for teenagers like themselves. We are excited to call them friends of Break Through the Static and are oh-so-thankful for their time, energy and stories.


Hi! My name is Rebecca. I am 15 years old and a sophomore at Castilleja in Palo Alto, CA. I joined the Break Through the Static Teen Advisory Board because I believe it addresses an important issue (suicide) that doesn’t get enough recognition. The program approaches tough issues in a very positive and hopeful way.


My name is Surya, I’m 15 and going into 10th grade at Castilleja. I wanted to join the Teen Advisory Board because it provides support for people in one of the worst times of their lives. A time for which before now there weren’t many places to go for support besides a therapist. I am excited to work with the board and Jade and everyone.


I am Madison. I am 18 and will be a freshman at University of Puget Sound this coming Fall. I love to read, write, visit with my friends and travel. I love learning languages and about ancient cultures. I am excited to work with Jade and the whole group. It is really a great thing that they are doing and I am glad to help.


My name is Arjun. I am a recent graduate of Palo Alto High School and will be entering Emerson College in Boston in the Fall. In my spare time I love to sit back and relax while watching my favorite episodes of Arrested Development and Entourage. Otherwise, I can usually be found hanging out with friends or relaxing with a comic book.