Surviving Suicide. Rebuilding Lives.


What will you do if your teenage son loses his best friend to suicide?

Like all teens, your child would want to be around people their age who understand them and can relate to their loss. And like every parent, you would look for ways your child could get the care they would need to cope and heal from their loss. In your search for this care, you would likely come across us – Break Through the Static – an organization dedicated to providing children like yours with exactly the care they need to get through one of the most difficult traumas they may ever face: losing someone who was a part of their daily life. And losing them to suicide.

Help us make sure every teenager who faces this traumatic loss has the opportunity to get the help they need. Your gifts will help us …

  • make sure they have the chance to get connected with others who “get them”
  • provide them with support
  • give them the tools to survive and rebuild their life after such a traumatic loss.

Our vision is for Break Through the Static to create communities of teens who’ve lost loved ones to suicide all over the world. But we have to start small; and we’ve chosen to start in the San Francisco Bay Area. And with your financial support, Break Through the Static will be one step closer to making our very first community a reality. Help us bring grins to teenager’s faces and peace to their hearts. And joy. Help us bring back the joy.



Make a tax-deductible donation to Break Through the Static

  1. Web: Donate online through this website.
  2. Mail: Send a check or money order to Break Through the Static. PO Box 642454. San Francisco, CA 94164.
  3. Phone: Call us @415.501.0710 to make a donation by phone.

All donations are tax-exempt to the fullest extent of the law. Please note if you would like for your contribution to be in honor of a loved one.

501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization | Tax ID #3109897 | Effective Date of Exemption 8.7.09 | EIN: 27-0741796


We are looking for COMPANIES AND INDIVIDUALS to support us on a ground level.

Donor Levels

  • $100,000+ International Change Agent
  • $50,000+ Continental Change Agent
  • $10,000+ National Change Agent
  • $5,000+ Regional Change Agent
  • $2,500+ State Change Agent
  • $1,000+ County Change Agent
  • $500+ City Change Agent
  • $250+ Community Change Agent
  • $100+ School Change Agent
  • $99 and under Department Change Agent

Your gift will have a big impact. Take a look …

  • $10,000 would cover a full year of Static’s ongoing programs – our small groups and Teen Advisory Board
  • $5,000 would underwrite the cost of a full year of Static’s innovative curriculum
  • $1,000 will allow us to facilitate our summer Teen Advisory Board
  • $500 would cover an art retreat where teens create art rooted in their experiences with suicide
  • $250 will allow four students to participate in Static’s Teen Advisory Board
  • $100 will cover materials so teens can express themselves through music and poetry at our small groups
  • $50 will provide supplies for two Teen Advisory Board meetings
  • $10 will help purchase awards to recognize our top teen advocates


    Thank you to our supporters + donors!

    You are enabling us to change the lives of teens.

    Palo Alto Recreation Foundation, Jeff + Julie Brody, Elliott + Yvonne Olsson, Dan + Ursula Chamness, Mohammed Moussa, Sebastien Tondeur, Philip + Florence Barnhart, Jason Beans, Trinity Corporation, S. Damron, Michael VanErdewyk, Peter Kiss, Frank Riordan, William + Sharon Wilgus, Jack, Angela and Susan Memorial Fund, James A + Yvonne Wildish, Ole OllCentral Lutheran Church Special Projects, Gerry Morton, TSG Simmons, John Trapp, Oregon Rubber Company.


    What people are saying about Break Through the Static:

    From a man who lost his father to suicide: “Your article in the Register Guard struck a raw nerve with me. It would have been nice to have had a group around like yours when I was young.”

    From a supporter: “Wow, I wish this group was around 20 years ago. In fact, I find it a little disturbing that it took this long to develop such a group. It shows, yet again, the large hole in support services for people who are directly affected by mental illness. If you are a teenager who is affected by suicide, or you know one, please check out Break Through the Static. What an amazing resource for an under-served group of people. We are not alone.”

    From a donor: “I’m also honored to march along side you in this movement to make the world a better place.”

    From a young woman who also lost her father to suicide: “My dads birthday would have been on the 11th of April, and I know how hard it can be. Your work is amazing.”

    From a donor: “Trinity Power completed a $1000.00 donation yesterday. We all wish you every success with such a remarkable foundation and are humbled by your commitment. You will change lives.”

    From a supporter: “I am moving to [the Bay Area] … i’d love to get involved. my father committed suicide when i was 8.”