Surviving Suicide. Rebuilding Lives.


“I went to my doctor because I wasn’t feeling like myself. They told me to go to therapy or take pills. But that’s not what I want to do. I want a place to go where I can be around friends. A place where it’s okay to talk about the hard stuff and have fun.”  - Static teen client
Every 16 minutes in the United States, someone dies by suicide. And every 16 minutes, someone if left to make sense of it. What that someone is a teen, it can be even harder to make sense of the loss.

It is projected that more than 8 million people have become suicide survivors in the last 20 years. Many of them teens. While suicide survivors are strong in number, they are weak in institutional support and resources. There are a number of suicide prevention organizations, but their focus is on education, awareness and advocacy.

You may know this too well. Perhaps that’s how you came upon our website. Because you were looking for a place for your child to go – a place where they would be supported as they deal with the loss of someone by suicide who meant the world to them.

We are so glad you found us.


Who We Are

It is our passion, our mission, our #1 priority to support and empower teens who have been impacted by a loss by suicide.

Break Through the Static is the first direct service (person-to-person) organization with an exclusive focus on supporting and empowering suicide-bereaved teens.

We share this with you not out of a place of pride, but because it (unfortunately) is the truth. Before 2009, there were no organizations in existence that were focusing exclusively on suicide-bereaved youth. Youth affected by suicide experience a unique form of grief, and some find that general bereavement services are not enough for these youth. That was our Founder Jade’s experience – she learned that the hard way. But now there is! And we are so thrilled to be in the forefront of the movement to improve the support and resources available  to teens affected by suicide.

Our Programs

We support and empower teens by nurturing local communities co-facilitated by empathetic, passionate undergraduates trained in peer counseling and members of Team Static through a network of small groups, retreats, camps and Teen Advisory Boards.

Our very first community is currently growing (quickly!) on the San Francisco Peninsula. And we are proud to say that it is a community that understands the affect suicide has on high school students. And also knows that suicide-bereaved teens can have a successful, healthy life just like their peers! Oftentimes, they just need some support and empowerment to navigate through their grief, and help make that happen.

Static believes that one day the United States will be a place where teens feel safe and supported talking about the “hard stuff”. And we are dedicated to helping to make that a reality – and soon!

Our Goals

Our programs are designed so teens will:

  1. Feel less alone in their experience with suicide, and feel as though they are part of a supportive, healthy community
  2. Gain healthy coping skills that will help them take steps towards processing their experience(s) with suicide.

While creating programs that support youth is our #1 priority, we will also work towards:

  • Breaking through the Suicide Stigma Trap
  • Proactively educating the American public about suicide and the special needs of its teens survivors
  • Building communities that nurture the unique talents and interests of teens
  • Providing environments that foster healthy teen-teen relationships that encourage emotional, spiritual and physical health

Interested in referring your teen?

You can call us at 415 / 501.0710 or email us at You may also send us a note through the “contact us” page – the link is on top of this site. We can’t wait to connect with you.


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“A person dying of suicide, dies, as does the victim of physical illness or accident, against his or her will.  People die from physical heart attacks, strokes, cancer, AIDS, and accidents.  Death by suicide is the same, except that we are dealing with an emotional heart attack, an emotional stroke, emotional AIDS, emotional cancer and an emotional fatality” (Suicide is the most misunderstood of all deaths, para.8) Father Ron Rolheiser

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