Surviving Suicide. Rebuilding Lives.

Past Events

- January 16th, 2012: MLK Family Service Day + Open Mic. Lytton Plaza, Palo Alto, CA

Click on the following link to download the flyer and get more information about the event: MLK Day 2012.

- January 28th, 2012: Static’s 2nd Bonfire! Fire pit @ Lucie Stern Community Center, Palo Alto, CA.

We hope you will join us for this dynamic, teen-oriented event. Adults are welcome too!

Click here to visit the facebook event page and RSVP.

- December 17, 2011 : Break Through the Ice! Half Moon Bay, CA.

Break Through the Static’s first Polar Plunge! Amemorable (+ chilly) experience as local Peninsula high schoolers and families take a dip in the ice cold Pacific in outrageous costumes. Belly flops are encouraged! Afterwards, enjoy a savory cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa along with some tasty pastries (generously donated by our friends at Peets!). Help fundraise and participate in this event to help support and empower teens impacted by suicide in our community.

- December 3rd, 2011: Static Art Retreat. Cubberley Community Center, Palo Alto, CA.

Art Retreat recap by one of Static’s Teen Advisory Board members: This past Saturday, Static hosted its first Art Retreat, in collaboration with the Palo Alto Youth Collaborative. I met people who created pieces with stories and depth I could barely have imagined. One student painted a young girl’s bedroom with clothes strewn across the floor and the bed unmade, titled “before”. Below it, she painted a cleaned, organized room titled “after”. Four months ago, she lost her 15 year old sister to suicide, and the “too clean” room makes her miss her sister tremendously whenever she sees it.

- November 20, 2011 : TEDx Conference. Castelleja High School, Palo Alto, CA.

This free youth-only conference will host over 300 local teenagers and is a day-long event, specifically designed to inspire youth and get them even more excited about life and their potential! Break Through the Static Founder and Jade Chamness has been invited to share her story of losing her dad to suicide, and inspire and empower youth with a very special message.

- September 20th, 2011: Active Minds Send Silence Packing display. UN Plaza, SF.

- September 10th, 2011: Bonfire for San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula Teens at Lucie Stern Community Center. Palo Alto, CA.

- Saturday August 27th 2011: Palooza Palooza Palooza Palooza: Music for people with ears. Palo Alto, CA.

Youth-organized indie punk rock show put on by youth-led production company, Bay Island Productions.

- August 20th, 2011: Teens on the Green. Palo Alto, CA.

Break Through the Static joined Mitchell Park to hear amazing local teen bands play.

Check out last year’s Headliner band!​ch?v=eb74sFgknPI&feature=c​hannel_video_title

- July 10th, 2011: Break Through the Static Awareness Event. Eugene, OR.

Free and open to the public.

- April 23rd, 2011: Bay Area Youth Summit. San Mateo, CA.

Static attended the summit and hosted workshops on teen mental health and suicide prevention/postvention.

- May 13th, 2011: Break Through the Static Soiree Fundraiser. Atherton, CA.

-  May 19th, 2011: Launch of Static’s Community Groups. San Francisco, CA.

Launch of monthly Static community groups. Jade Chamness of Break Through the Static and Mark Meier of Face It Foundation shared their stories of survival in an intimate San Francisco coffee bar, Contraband.

- May 21st, 2011: National Alliance on Mental Illness Walk. San Francisco, CA.

- May 21st , 2011: Mixtape Teen-Led Performance Art Showcase. Palo Alto, CA.

- April 1th, 2011: 44th American Association of Suicidology Annual Conference. Portland, OR.

- November 20th, 2010: 12th Annual International Survivors of Suicide Day. San Francisco, CA.

San Francisco conference. Hosted by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

- November 6th, 2010: “Dear Palo Alto” Palo Alto, CA.

A Teen-Led Artistic Showcase: Co-sponsored by Static and the City of Palo Alto Recreation Department. Nearly 150 members of the Palo Alto community gathered to witness 40 teens speak out on issues affecting their generation including mental health and grief.

- September 22nd, 2010: Please Don’t Jump Awareness Event. San Francisco, CA.

Pick Up The Phone Event and Blue October Suicide Prevention Concert. September 22nd 2010 was officially recognized as “Please Don’t Jump Day” by the State of California and City of San Francisco. Event hosted by Blue October, Hopeline, Vet2Vet, and PostSecret.

- September 26th, 2010: AFSP Community Walk Event. San Francisco, CA.

Here are a few pics from the events, and some of our thoughts about our experience …

From left to right; Linda Lenoir, Executive Committee Member of Project Safety Net and Palo Alto District Nurse, R.N., MSN; Vic Ojakian, Member of Suicide Prevention Resource Center’s National Steering Committee and former Mayor of Palo Alto; Becky Beacom, Executive Committee Member of Project Safety Net and Manager of Health Education at Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

- June 20th, 2010: Break Through the Static presentation. Eugene, OR.

Central Lutheran Church

- November 9th, 2009: Break Through the Static fundraiser. San Francisco, CA.

Bin 38 Wine Bar