Surviving Suicide. Rebuilding Lives.

Founder’s Story

How Jade’s Dad’s death by suicide affected her family

When my dad died by suicide all three of my daddy’s girls – my mom, my sister Hannah Grace and me – hurt day in and day out. Right after his death, my mom could hardly take care of herself, much less me and Hannah. My mom sat on the couch all day crying and wasting away and ten year old Hannah was whisked away by family and friends. Me? I sobbed and screamed and thrashed as I recalled the last seventeen years of memories with my dad. I would never make new memories with him; he was gone forever. My best friends held me down as I lost control and grabbed and punched and ripped at the air, my hair, my stuffed dog, them. Anything in my space. Trying to make it stop. Trying to catapult myself through the chaos and the static and into a place of peace and quiet. My mom couldn’t take care of me; you can’t take care of someone else when you can’t take care of yourself. And even if somehow magically she was fine immediately after his suicide there was no way I was going to let her in to take care of me. I was an angry, depressed, overwhelmed teenager. And she was my mom. She just didn’t understand my pain. And I wouldn’t let her.

My name is Jade Chamness and I am the Founder of Break Through the Static. And I know life is not always easy. But it can be a lot easier when you have people around, your age, who can relate to your loss and support you.