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Teens Express Themselves Through Art

Hello friends,

This is Tia from Team Static. I wanted to tell you about a exciting community-wide project our organization is organizing alongside the Palo Alto Youth Collaborative: a Teen Art Exhibition! Since the beginning of the 2011/2012 school year, Palo Alto and Peninsula teens have been creating powerful and revealing art rooted in their experiences with suicide and other life-shaping events. The incredible art will be featured in five locally-owned Palo Alto businesses from March 16th – 18th, providing business owners with a tangible way to enhance the well-being of Palo Alto youth by offering them a cathartic platform to express themselves and process their life-shaping experiences through creative art.

This past Sunday, Static hosted a art retreat for local teens at the Mid-Peninsula Media Center in Palo Alto. Teens created art based on their life-shaping experiences with courage, resilience and strength. We started out with fun icebreaker games involving a beach ball where teens were posed questions like: “What was your childhood fear?” and “What change do you want to see in the way your school handles mental health?” Then teens spent a couple hours reflecting on their lives and creating beautiful representations of their experiences along with a powerful written narratives.

I really enjoyed our final debrief, because the teens shared the stories behind their artwork. They touched upon issues of suicide, cancer, adoption, individuality, hope and excitement for a better future. These teens courageously discussed their pain and their hopes. Their fight for healing, freedom and their longing to make a difference in the world amazed me. I left inspired.

Nearly 100 pieces of teen artwork and their powerful narratives will be showcased in the Teen Art Exhibition events the weekend of March 16th – 18th. We invite you to attend these events or volunteer with us! For more information, email me at

With great hope + excitement for the future of our youth,

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