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Tia Joins Static!

Hi! My name is Tia Galindo and I am the new intern for Break Through the Static for spring 2012. I wanted to share with you a bit about myself and why I wanted to get involved with Static.

When I was young, my mother and father were drug addicts and alcoholics, and my mother abused me. My dad wanted to sober up but there were complications. I was sent to a foster home where I was abused. I was eventually rescued from the foster home by my dad who had gotten sober. A few years later he relapsed and starting abusing substances again.

I was ashamed of my dad’s substance abuse, and felt like I had to hide my life and my feelings, so I could appear normal — like the other kids. Soon I was carrying guilt and shame for my dad’s actions and that weighed down my life and prevented true friendships. I felt abnormal, and started to lie to others to hide my life and pain. I had always loved to sing and write, and began using them as tools to make myself happy and release my pain. That’s how I found truth. Eventually I learned to face this pain and guilt and not hide it.

Eventually my dad kicked his bad habits. He is an amazing man and although he had/has his faults he raised me well. So when I met Jade and she told me about Static’s vision of helping teens that carry guilt and shame for others’ actions such as death by suicide, I immediately knew that this was the internship for me. I believe that I can relate to teens impacted by suicide because I too experienced guilt and shame.

I am so stoked to be a part of Static this spring, and learn and grow with the organization as we take steps to de-stigmatize suicide and support suicide-bereaved teens.


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