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Static Newsletter | August 2011

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Hello Friends of Break Through the Static!

So much has happened in the “world of Static” since we last connected through this medium, and we are thrilled to send this update to you today.

Building Static’s Community!

This fall, we are facilitating our first official community of teens impacted by suicide and their advocates on the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula. We hope that through involvement with our community, Peninsula teens impacted by suicide will 1) feel less alone in their experience with suicide, and will feel as though they are part of a supportive, healthy community and 2) gain healthy coping skills that help them to take steps towards processing their experience with suicide.

Events for Teens

  • A bonfire! We’re hosting a bonfire (serving as a recruitment event) in Palo Alto this September for Peninsula youth. The goal of this event is to recruit ten youth to participate in our first session of closed monthly groups for teens impacted by suicide and their advocates. These groups will begin fall 2011. Check out the music video Kikim Media generously produced with us to promote the bonfire event on YouTubeEvent date: September 10th, 2011, also known as World Suicide Prevention Day!

Teen Advisory Board member Kevin and his buddy Ryan from last Saturday’s Teens on the Green event in Palo Alto.

  • Forming a Teen Advisory Board! The last two summers we’ve facilitated a weekly group of driven, impassioned teens, some of which have been touched deeply by suicide, with the simple purpose of helping us from a “teen perspective” ensure Static is an organization that truly reaches teens and impacts their lives. These teens, called “Teen Advisory Board members” serve as advocates for Break Through the Static at their schools, help us plan and execute events, and provide crucial feedback to our team. This upcoming school year we will host a TAB that will have the exciting opportunity to pilot our private online community! TAB begins: Fall 2011.

  • We’re taking the kids to Tahoe! While we believe our closed groups will be the bread and butter of our communities, we anticipate our outdoor adventure retreats will be the highly anticipated dessert (and a strong community recruitment strategy). We’re fundraising our hearts out so we can take a group of teens involved with our community and their friends to Tahoe for a weekend of skiing/snowboarding as well as activities designed to get kids more deeply involved with our community, so they feel supported and learn more coping skills, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of their lives!

    If you’re interested in giving to Static, helping us run these important programs, please click here to donate online. You may also send checks to Break Through the Static. PO Box 642454. San Francisco, CA 94164.

Events for Teens and Adults

  • Monthly Static Community Groups! Open to the public – we hope you will join us! Intimate and inspiring topical coffee shop conversations – at Nob Hill’s premier Contraband Coffee Bar – that occasionally morph into rousing and passionate conversation about mental health and suicide prevention/postvention in America. We been facilitating these groups for a couple months now, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, so we’re going to make this a monthly Static event! We hope you will join us. RSVP here. You’re invited to our next group, Wednesday, September 28th from 7:30p – 9:30p!
  • Volunteer Opportunity! Do you love taking photos? Enjoy meeting new people? Join the folks behind Break Through the Static as we inspire folks with the vision of Static, pass out flyers, and listen to peoples stories at the Greater San Francisco Bay Area’s American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Community Walk. It’s a powerful event where we connect with many suicide survivors, and we’d love for you to join us! Event Date: Sunday, September 25th

Static Video

We have been working alongside Paul Fifield and Steve Connell (of Fifield Productions and Ripple Effect Media, respectively) to produce a two-minute video that captures the history and vision of Break Through the Static. We are excited to announce the video is finished! A giant thank you to Paul, Steve, and everyone else who graciously gave countless hours of time to bring this “dream project” to life.

click here to watch the video
Click here to watch video on YouTube

Break Through The Static
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