Surviving Suicide. Rebuilding Lives.

Ari’s Reflection – ‘11 Summer Intern!

My mom arrived home from a Break Through the Static fundraiser beaming and completely inspired by the amazing founder of the organization, Jade Chamness. She told me about Jade’s story and her nonprofit organization and I was instantly captivated. Since then, I have been lucky enough to spend a few weeks interning for Break Through the Static, and it has seriously been amazing and eye-opening!

One of my favorite parts of Break Through the Static is the Teen Advisory Board (TAB). Every week, a group of motivated and really excited teens from local high schools gather to share their insight about what they think would be helpful and enjoyable for those involved. TAB has come up with some really awesome ideas regarding ways to create the community Jade and Team Static envision.

Among these ideas is a monthly groups for teens in SF Bay Area, winter retreats and summer camps, and something I am really excited about – the upcoming bonfire!  Team Static is planning a really fun bonfire for this Fall for local teens who have been impacted by suicide and their advocates. There will be great food, live music, and good company — everyone should be there!!

My experience with Static has been so enriching and it is really inspiring to see so much passion in an organization aimed at such an important cause. I can’t wait to watch Static grow and become a more central part of the community!

- Ari

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